My Doodlin’ Lounge began to take shape in the 1970’s. As I learned about the small organ rooms throughout the so-called ‘Chitlin Circuit’ and within our inner cities, I began to imagine what it must have been like seeing Wild Bill Davis, Jimmy Smith or Baby Face Willette in those rooms back in the 50’s and 60’s. As I spoke to more and more jazz organists who performed in those rooms, I began to understand the importance of their music and the significance of their contributions to American Music. It was this Jazz Organ Era that would represent ‘the people’s music’ for me. In fact, it was a story that has not fully been understood, let alone told. Those smoke-filled rooms with smells of fish and chicken swirling in the back – the wooden seats and vinyl booths – the sounds of urban America coming down from a hard day’s work with a cold beer… all needed to be re-visited. As I began to visualize the heads bobbing up and down and the feet moving from side to side, I prepared for my own radio fantasy: My very own, ‘Doodlin’ Lounge’. Today, my Doodlin’ Lounge takes the form of a podcast from my home studio.

Voice-over and Narration have been important components to my professional life since the early 1980’s. I have been represented by Tonry Talent in San Francisco since 1985 and have been associated with some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley. I love the excitement of a recording studio and the challenge of ‘sounding like my client’s voice’. As a former speech therapist for over 36 years, I feel I understand those aspects of a healthy and desirable speaking voice for corporate and commercial America. I have done local television and radio advertising; national commercials; and infomercials that have targeted products ranging from spray painters to espresso coffee makers. Anyone interested in my Voice-over work is encouraged to email me for additional information:

Doodlin’ Records is the newest component to my ‘doodlin’ activities’. This is a record label that I started in 2006. It has allowed me to focus attention on jazz organ combos and related music. New recording sessions as well as re-issues and compilations are continually being considered.

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